GROUP TRAINING: Small Group Classes

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Our group training classes allow you to join others just like you that are looking to workout in a group. The goal of our group workouts is to offer the same level of individualized coaching and support as our individual training programs, but in a positive and encouraging group setting. 

Our licensed personal trainers work with groups of clients to develop individualized training schedules that take into account the unique requirements and fitness levels of each person in the group. This enables each client to receive personalized attention and direction within the context of a group environment, assisting them in moving closer to their fitness objectives. 

Our group personal training sessions are an excellent way to foster a sense of accountability and community while also reaping the psychological and motivational advantages of exercising with others.


Our certified personal trainers are skilled at creating weight-loss-friendly group exercises. Our clients are successful in achieving their weight reduction objectives and enhancing their general health and wellness thanks to the individualized attention, encouragement, and support of the trainer and other group members.


Due to the mix of individualized attention from a skilled trainer and the motivational dynamic of working out with a group of like-minded people, group personal training sessions can be quite beneficial for gaining muscle. Moreover, a range of resistance exercises and training methods are frequently used in group sessions to help challenge and promote muscle growth.


Given that group personal training sessions frequently include guided stretching, joint mobilization exercises, and methods to increase general flexibility, they can be a great way to increase mobility. Individuals can overcome their physical limits and attain increased range of motion and functional movement with the assistance of a trainer and the encouragement and support of a group.