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At Trainer Pro, we have access to the top personal trainers in Oakville, who will help you with numerous self-development goals including:

  • Getting the body you’ve always dreamed of having
  • Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, so you can look and feel good
  • Being accountable so you can finally reach your fitness goals

If you are interested in finally changing your life and body for the better, we can match you up with a personal trainer in Oakville for a completely free trial session. This is a low-risk, easy decision you can make towards becoming your best self.

In-Home Personal Trainer in Oakville

Personal Trainer

Reach Your Fitness Goals, and Take Back Control of Your Body

Trainer Pro gives you access to the top personal trainers in Oakville. Working out with a coach will allow you to:

  1. Finally get results from your workouts, instead of wasting time at the gym doing the wrong exercises.
  2. Work out at your own convenience, from your own home or condominium gym. Our trainers come to you!
  3. Build your workout time and commitments around your own schedule.
  4. Get a custom training plan from a professional, using the equipment that you have.
  5. Actually love and look forward to your workouts!



Beginner Classes

Introductory level workout plans are curated specifically for clients who have little to no experience working out. Our personal trainers will use their knowledge to assess your skills and abilities in order to design a workout plan that suits your needs. For those who already have workout experience but need a little extra guidance, our fitness instructors will build on your expertise and adapt your workout to ensure you continue to make progress.


Success Guaranteed

Our personal trainers will help you get in the best shape of your life by creating a workout plan that is meant to help you achieve your ultimate fitness goals. If you are not fully satisfied, you can get your money back guaranteed.

Proven Results

We hand pick the best personal trainers in Oakville for our clients by only selecting those that have a proven track record in helping individuals get in shape. We do the vetting process for you, so you can have full confidence in the coach we match you up with.

Devoted Trainer

All our personal trainers are dedicated to helping people get their dream body and improving their health. We will match you up with a personal trainer in Oakville that is just as committed to your goals as you are.

Feel Your Bes

Our fitness instructors will help you not only get fit but also release endorphins making you happier, improve your mental health, and become your most confident self.

We’ll take the time to guide you with our free personal assessment, even online!

1-on-1 personal training


  • Get the best and fastest results by working out with a personal trainer.
  • Through a private session, the instructor is fully devoted to you and your goals.
  • Personal trainers can conduct training sessions anywhere that is convenient for you.
  • Custom workout plans designed to elevate your body to it’s highest fitness level you didn’t know was possible.
  • 1-on-1 private training with a professional, starting at just $64 per session.
Semi Private Personal Training


  • Work out with your husband, wife, kids, friends, or anyone who wants to get in shape with you.
  • Enjoy your workouts even more, knowing you get to train together.
  • Trainer Pro trainers meet you wherever you and your workout buddy prefer.
  • Training is customized to each individual based on skills and fitness goals.
  • Semi-private personal training starts at just $40 per session, and group training (3 or more people) starts at $24 per person.


Weight Loss

A weight loss plan combining strength training, weightlifting, and cardiovascular exercise will be created by our professional personal trainers to ensure your workout is maximized and results in fat loss.

Build Strength

Our fitness instructors will show you exercises that will help you look and feel stronger and more confident. You can expect your personal trainer to design a custom plan that incorporates strength training to help you grow more muscle and lose fat.

Build Muscle

Professional Trainer Pro personal trainers are educated to understand the different exercises needed for different body types to build muscle. A custom plan is designed based on each client’s goals, ensuring that they make progress towards building muscle and achieving their dream body.

Increase Mobility

Building an exercise regimen is so crucial as we age not only to build muscle, but also to increase mobility and range of motion. Our personal trainers will design a workout routine that helps you become more mobile, improve your posture, while also getting strong, healthy and fit.

Muscle Building and Fat Loss for Men

  • Trainer Pro trainers are well-versed in understanding the different body types that men and women have, and the workout plans needed to help men specifically achieve their desired body shape.
  • Our professional coaches have studied the male body to know which exercises specifically target which muscle groups, and can help men build more muscle where they want it most (e.g. arms, abdomen, legs).
  • A customized workout plan designed specifically for your body type, shape, and size, will be created by our personal trainers to ensure you can become strong, while simultaneously losing fat and building muscle.

Muscle Building and Fat Loss for Wome

  • Trainer Pro has access to the best personal trainers, including specifically female trainers, that can provide 1-on-1 support for female clients.
  • Our qualified coaches understand women’s bodies and the differences in the way women store muscle and fat, to help them achieve their dream body while enhancing their natural shape.
  • Professional trainers can help women do exercises that specifically target areas where they most often want to lose fat and build muscle (e.g. stomach, thigs, arms).
  • Our fitness instructors will take into account your body type, lifestyle, physical capabilities, health, and nutrition to curate a holistic plan mean to achieve your fitness goals.

Top Personal Trainers in Oakville



We keep raving about our free assessments, but truly they are a no brainer to getting started! If you want to finally get fit, sign up with Trainer Pro today and we will promptly schedule a Discovery Call to help us learn more about you. During the call, we will discuss your fitness goals, your physical ability and skills, and your health, in order to understand how we can help get you your dream body. Once we gather all the information we need, we will scan our internal list of qualified personal trainers to find the best match for you, based on your specific needs. Once the perfect trainer is matched up with you, they will conduct a first assessment with you to understand your physical levels and goals, and work to create a custom workout plan that will take your fitness to the next level and allow you to achieve your fitness goals.

STEP 2: Custom Training Plans Made by Professionals

Once Trainer Pro matches you with the perfect coach selected just for you, they will use information that gathered from your Discovery Call and first assessment, to design a unique, customized workout solution. This workout plan will incorporate your fitness levels, with your fitness goals, and take you through every step needed to help get you to where you want to be. Your first plan will progressively change as you get stronger and build more muscle, and the trainer will gage your results to add more cardio, weights, and elevate your fitness routine as needed to maximize your results. The custom training plan will continue to evolve just as quickly as you do.

STEP 3: Consistent Training

In order to see progress, you have to be committed to your fitness routine. Working with our personal trainers, they will ensure you remain dedicated to your goals, and will push you to continue challenging your own limitations and achieve physical goals you didn’t even know were possible. The best part is, you will enjoy your workouts with a personal trainer because they will keep you engaged and make the workouts fun to help keep you consistent.

STEP 4: Celebrate Important Milestones

All the hard work, sweat, and tears, will be worth it once you finally start noticing changes in your body. Trainer Pro coaches will ensure that the energy and time you put into your workouts don’t go to waste, and will directly result in muscle growth and fat loss. Seeing your results in the mirror and getting compliments from your friends and family on your new and improved body will make all the hard work feel so rewarding. Don’t forget to celebrate your achievements, and be grateful that you have the opportunity to work out, improve your health, and get the body you’ve always wanted.

We’ll take the time to guide you with our free personal assessment!

FAQ: Personal Trainers in Oakville

Do you only provide service in Oakville?

No! Trainer Pro has the best personal trainers available cross the GTA including:


Is it necessary for me to get in shape before I begin?

No! Our fitness instructors have the skills and experience to train anyone and everyone, with all different body types and fitness levels. There is no need to workout alone or achieve any level of fitness before getting help from our professional coaches. A custom workout plan will be curated for anybody at any level looking to get in shape.

Is there anything I need to bring from home for the training?

No! The only thing you need to bring is a positive attitude. Our gym trainers are experts and can create workout plans based on whatever you have on hand, whether it be equipment, weights, resistance bands, or simply your body weight. A variety of effective workouts that elevate your heart rate and target various muscles will be designed specifically with whatever you have access to.

Is in-home personal training in Oakville expensive?

Receiving at-home personal training is a worthwhile investment in yourself. Personal training at home in Oakville is a high-end service that can cost up to $200 per week. However, your personal trainer will work with you 1 on 1 to ensure your fitness goals are met, that you stay consistent, and most importantly that you enjoy the process. In our opinion, this is money well spent and is something you can feel good about as you are investing in yourself and your future. Not only with the personal trainer create a custom workout plan and food plan for you, they are also available outside of the training to provide guidance on other lifestyle habits or questions you may have. If the costs of personal training are out of your budget but you really want to make progress in your fitness routine, contact us anyways and we can find a way to help you.

How do you select personal trainers?

At Trainer Pro, we are very selective about the coaches we provide to our clients. Through our verification process, we ensure they are all qualified professionals who hold applicable degrees and certifications, have solid client relationships, and have the experience to prove it. We take our work very seriously and we vet all our personal trainers to ensure that our client’s well-being is always the number 1 priority.

What if I can’t make it to my scheduled training session?

No need to worry, we understand that schedules change and we wouldn’t want that to impact your fitness goals. In order to also respect our personal trainer’s packed schedules, please notify us 24 hours before your scheduled appointment and we will reschedule to a time that works better for you.

Where is the training held?

Personal training can be done wherever is the most convenient for you: home, office,

condominium, etc. Our in-home personal trainer will come to meet you at a comfortable location of your choosing at the time that works best for you.

Are your services pricey?

Trainer Pro offers a variety of packages to suit various budgets. However, we strongly believe this is an investment in yourself and worth every penny. And in fact, 1 on 1 personal training is less expensive than people might anticipate – call us to speak to a representative and discuss our variety of packages!

What will in-home person training get me?

Customized Training Plans: Our team of professional personal trainers will create a customized workout plan, tailored to suit your skills and abilities, while also ensuring you meet your fitness goals. Our experts also monitor and check in on what you do outside of working out to progress your goals, specifically including sticking to a nutritional plan and healthy diet.

Body Composition Analysis: A fully body composition analysis is completed by our team as part of our personal training program. The test takes into account your lean body mass, muscle mass and body fat percentages to understand your unique body type and curate a specific workout and nutrition program that will actually create results for your body. Throughout your fitness journey, your fitness instructor will re-assess you every step of the way as needed and make any adjustments to your nutrition plan and workouts to ensure you are making continuous progress.

Accountability and Inspiration: Our personal trainers will provide you with their full attention and dedication to help you focus on your fitness objectives. They want you to succeed and will push and inspire you to do your best, both inside and outside of training. Trainer Pro commits to ensuring that our personal trainers create a positive environment through uplifting and motivational comments to help keep you enjoying your workout and staying on track.

How frequently do I work out each week?

Our packages are created based on your personal preference, however, we definitely recommend trying to workout with your coach about 2-3 days a week to achieve optimal results.

Will working with a personal trainer produce better outcomes than working out on my own?

The short answer is yes. Think about how many times you’ve tried working out on your own, only to get little to no results. All that time and energy wasted, when you could spend more time enjoying life! The benefits of working out with an in-home personal trainer is that you won’t be wasting time going anywhere as they will come to you, and the time you have together will be 100% dedicated to maximizing your fitness routine.

No more time wasted at the gym not knowing what to do. Our personal trainers are professionals and will ensure your hard work and time directly leads to great results.

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We’re looking forward to connecting with you and going over ay questions you may have on starting your journey. Leave your contact information with us here, we take a human approach to setting you up with the right trainer, so we’d like to learn alittle bit more about your and your goals.