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Whether you are a senior looking for a personal trainer, or are not a senior but are looking for a personal trainer for an aging adult or elderly, Trainer Pro can make it easy and convenient to help you find what you are looking for.

Personal Trainer for Seniors and Adults over 50 in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

We have access to qualified and experienced personal trainers all across the GTA who can help older adults safely and effectively reach their fitness goals from the comfort of their homes. Our personal trainers are specialized in helping our clients age with dignity and ensuring they exercise appropriately to slow down active aging.

Our top rated personal trainers provide individualized, custom work out plans that take into account our client’s age, gender, illnesses, injuries, and personal preferences to ensure your workout is fully suited to meet your preferences. Even if you haven’t enjoyed working out with a coach in the past, our trainers will make sure your experiences with them are always positive. In addition, your workout plan will be tailored to use the equipment that you have, and ensure that the equipment you use is safe and effective to meeting your fitness goals. 

Tailored programs

Trainer Pro ensures that our fitness coaches are experienced specifically in designing programs for adults in their 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and even 90s! We have seen significant improvement in older adults of any age taking control of their bodies again and rebuilding their muscles, cardiovascular capacity, and overall fitness levels. 

With regular exercise, aging adults can slow down and even reverse some signs of aging. 

Can Fit Pro certified

We pride ourselves in providing you with the right specialist for the job. Our trainers are certified as Active Aging Specialists through Can Fit Pro, and you can trust that they have the knowledge and experience necessary to help you achieve your objectives. Through trained expertise, they will ensure you have a proper fitness regimen that aligns with your current health, fitness abilities, and goals. Our trainers will provide you guidance for exercises you can do at home or at a gym, with or without equipment, depending on your preference and what you have. 

Many seniors want to start exercising but think it’s too late for them, we are here to tell you that it’s not too late! We have trainers that will come directly to you and work with you one on one to implement a routine that you can maintain. We will help you to improve your balance, mobility, energy levels, strength, and most of all your self-confidence.

Most importantly, our coaches will ensure your safety and that you have a positive, safe experience exercising with them. If you have a medical injury or health condition that needs to be addressed, our certified trainers will certainly take that into account when they design your custom fitness program. 

If you would like more information or have questions, please get in touch with us today!

Services Offered for Senior at Home Personal Training

Aging adults over 50 and over 60 can see significant improvement in the their lives by training with our fitness specialists, including:

  • Better health
  • Losing fat and gaining muscle
  • Better flexibility and balance
  • Improved mobility
  • Aging reversal
  • Mental clarity
  • Improved strength
  • Preventing unnecessary injuries
  • Feeling happier (working out releases endorphins!)

Why choose us for a Geriatric Personal Trainer:

  • Our certified fitness specialists conduct a full body assessment prior to designing a custom workout plan, including blood pressure and heart rate monitorin
  • No equipment workouts/body weight workouts built to your individual preference
  • Design programs based on your physical abilities, intended to improve balance and flexibility
  • Nutrition counselling and meal plans targeted to improve your health are included
  • Expertise in designing programs specifically for injury and rehabilitation
  • Custom fitness program personalized with clear photo, video and audio illustration
  • Meditation and Qigong options available to those interested

What Trainer Pro provides:

  • A fun, friendly environment that you can look forward to
  • Supervision and guidance to prevent any possible injury
  • Certified fitness specialists from a qualified Seniors Fitness professional
  • Expert 1 on 1 guidance and direction catered to you
  • Fitness assessment and continuous monitoring, to celebrate and assess improvements
  • Personalized advice to reduce falls and make your home safer
  • Focus on flexibility and mobility exercises catered for adults 50+

Geriatric Personal Trainer and Senior
Fitness Benefits

It’s never too late to start working out, and there are so many great benefits:

  1. Weight loss and maintenance: Finally be able to shed unwanted fat and gain muscle by working with a professional.
  2. Better immunity and health: Starting and maintaining a regular exercise routine becomes increasingly important as you age and allows you to digest food better, manage chronic health conditions, and keep you mobile and energized.
  3. Stay younger longer: Exercising can reduce your muscular age, which is a better marker of your true age and will result in you feeling and looking years younger.
  4. Reduce your blood pressure: Being active helps reduce blood pressure levels, and continued exercise will help to keep blood pressure at a stable, healthy level.
  5. Improved cardiac and respiratory functions: Incorporating cardio and weight lifting into your routine will significantly improve your cardiovascular health.
  6. Improve the quality of your sleep: Exercise can reduce stress, release endorphins, and improve your circadian rhythm to help you get a better sleep at night.
  7. Flexibility and balance: Curated exercises by our expert coaches will help lengthen and strengthen your muscles to help prevent injury and improve your balance.
  8. Improve your brain function and mental health: Working out reduces your risk of cognitive decline as you age, and can help improve your memory and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.
  9. Better posture: Strengthening and stretching your muscles with a professional personal trainer can help to correct your posture.
  10. Keep your blood sugar under control: Regular exercise results in lower blood glucose levels as a result of your muscles burning glucose and improving the way insulin works in your body.

About the Training Sessions

Personal Trainer for Seniors and Adults

Whether you are just starting or a pro, we have the right personal trainer for you.

Personal Trainer for Seniors and Adults

Training sessions can be performed any where, any time at your convenience

Personal Trainer for Seniors and Adults

An open area in your living room, family room, basement or home gym works perfectly for a work-out

Personal Trainer for Seniors and Adults

Our trainers can design a plan using body weight workouts or with any equipment you have

Personal Trainer for Seniors and Adults

A custom fitness plan will be created for you based on your goals and fitness levels

Guaranteed benefits:

  • Improve strength and balance
  • Slow down the aging process
  • Manage any chronic issues such as arthritis and diabetes
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Release endorphins resulting in better mental health
  • Improve your immunity and overall health 



I could barely get out of bed before starting to work on my health and fitness. Now, I am happy to say I can keep up playing with my grandkids, going to the grocery store, and going up and down the stairs with no issues. The coach helped me build my strength and improve my flexibility, which is helping me live my life to the fullest.

Gary, 72


I used to be very active when I was younger, but as life got in the way I stopped exercising all together. I didn’t know they had personal trainers for the elderly, who specialize working with older adults. My fitness instructor was so patient and kind with me, and helped me build up my confidence to get my fitness levels back on track. I now feel better than ever and I’m so grateful I chose them.

Jennifer, 65 from Vaughan, Ontario


My anxiety and mental health have improved significantly since starting to work out 3 times a week with my in home personal instructor! Best part of my week, so easy and convenient!

John, 70 from Toronto, Ontario


Does each senior client get a customized workout program created for them?

Yes you would, we do not pair you with a partner. If you do not have a training partner, consider private personal training classes or even group personal training classes, we offer both!

How do we ensure that aging adults stay motivated and enjoy their workouts?

It is important for us that our clients enjoy their workouts with our personal trainers. Our instructors will motivate and engage you with a customized strategy that combines activities that seniors would enjoy, and make training fun and interesting. 
We will also help you achieve milestones along your workout journey and celebrate your accomplishments with you. Setting attainable goals and achieving them will encourage you to stay committed to your workout regimen.

Can exercises be modified for seniors with chronic conditions such as arthritis or osteoporosis?

Our trainers collaborate with medical professionals to understand client’s limitations and conditions in order to ensure optimal safety when exercising. Our workout programs are modified as needed for seniors with any injuries, disabilities, or chronic aliments.
We also encourage low-impact exercises for seniors such as walking or swimming, less heavy weights, using resistance bands, and adjusting range of motion as comfortable. 

What else can seniors do outside of their exercise routine and personal training sessions to upkeep activity levels?

Outside of personal training sessions and workouts, older adults are encouraged to continue to stay active by taking part in group fitness, getting outside, and spending time playing with children. 
Our instructors also provide you with a wholistic strategy that encompasses different types of regular exercises that seniors can practice at home. 

How do we keep seniors safe, especially ones with injuries or mobility issues?

Our personal trainers are professionally trained to understand how to ensure seniors safety while exercising, ensuring there is clear communication at all times between them and the client. We create a safe space where our clients can always feel comfortable being transparent with expressing any pain or discomfort.
We also warm up and stretch our muscles together, prior to exercising, and ensure that you perform exercises correctly with the right form to avoid any strain on your body.

How is progress tracked and adjusted for seniors who are going through mental or physical decline?

We track progress for all of our clients, including seniors going through physical or cognitive decline. It is especially important for our trainers to conduct regular fitness assessments or seniors and modify the exercise routine as necessary. This includes various options such as shortening the length of the workout, reducing the intensity of any particular movement, and including more breaks as needed.

How does exercise help seniors improve their balance and mobility?

Our personal trainers are qualified in training seniors in specific movements that improve their balance and reduce their risk of falling. Activities such as heel-to-toe walk, single-leg posture, and toe lifts are all examples of exercises that we can implement to improve stability and mobility.
Depending on the ability of our senior clients, we also incorporate weight-lifting and resistance training to enhance balance and reduce risk of falls. Other activities that we encourage seniors to try to improve their mobility levels are yoga and Pilates.

How do we approach exercising with seniors and elderly with varying degrees of mobility and fitness levels?

We create customized in home workout plans for seniors that are tailored to each individual’s mobility and fitness levels. Before designing a custom plan, we assess each client’s level of fitness to ensure that the exercises are effective in helping older adults achieve their goals. 
Our trainers are knowledgeable and skilled in seniors fitness and can provide necessary modifications to adjust exercises based on the client’s activity levels. Our trainers also focus on maintaining regular communication with the client to ensure they are comfortable with the exercises, and are constantly re-adjusting the fitness plan as needed.