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What is a Holistic Nutritionist

A Holistic Nutritionist is first and foremost a health professional, their field consists mainly of approaching nutrition from a holistic perspective. A holistic nutritionist takes into account your overall well being through the interconnectedness of the body, mind, and spirit. 

What does a Holistic Nutritionist Do?

A holistic nutritionist mainly looks to change your overall health by providing extremely personalized nutritional guidelines based on your unique body composition. They try to uncover the root cause of a person’s health issue by slowly unraveling the mystery of every aspect of your overall health. With the right nutritional guidance, they then emphasize the use of whole foods and herbal medicine to support your optimal health. 

The Difference Between Holistic Nutritionist and Personal Trainers

Not all personal trainers are holistic nutritionists, however some holistic nutritionists are also personal trainers. The largest difference between holistic nutritionists and personal trainers is a nutritionist will look at your overall well being through dietary and lifestyle changes, and personal trainers mostly focus on exercise training and changing your body composition. From a holistic standpoint, there is a lot of consideration for a person’s unique biochemistry, and individual nutritional needs, emotional well being, when developing a nutrition plan. A personal trainer will mostly consider factors like your body composition and physical lifestyle when giving nutritional recommendations. 

What Does a Holistic Nutritionist Treat?

A holistic nutritionist treats the body and mind on a case by case basis, there is no one-size fits all solution. They will look and search for the root cause of every health issue or concern, and treat your health with a unique and personalized plan. Some chronic conditions a holistic nutritionist looks at are:

  • Weight gain and blood sugar concerns
  • Digestive concerns including gas, bloating, heartburn
  • Mental health issues including depression, anxiety, addictions
  • Low energy and chronic fatigue
  • Insomnia and headaches
  • Reproductive issues related to hormone imbalance such as PMS, infertility, heavy periods, fibrocystic breast tissue, endometriosis
  • Inflammatory conditions including arthritis, IBD, overall pain
  • High blood pressure
  • Skin conditions
  • Cancer and other chronic diseases
  • Allergies and sensitivities
  • Constipation or diarrhea

Holistic Nutritionist’s Treatment Methods

A holistic nutritionist, much like a personal trainer, will first give you a full assessment in order to learn more about your health. However, a nutritionist takes a deeper dive into all aspects of your life including:

  • Health and family history
  • Diet and eating schedule
  • Lifestyle choices
  • Work and home environment
  • Mental, physical and emotional state

In essence, the foods we eat are used to build the cells in our bodies. We can improve the quality of our cell structures by making knowledgeable eating decisions that are in line with our particular needs.

Given that every individual has a distinct biochemical makeup, it is critical to evaluate dietary deficiencies and imbalances on an individual basis. We can successfully handle individual needs thanks to this individualized approach.

The most recent nutritional developments and discoveries are incorporated into new eating habits that are introduced by a holistic nutritionist. However, it might not always be possible to achieve optimum health just through dietary choices. As a result, we are also able to create dietary supplement plans that are unique to each client.

Holistic Nutritionists evaluate a number of aspects when establishing a nutrition program, such as food sensitivities, allergies, imbalances in microorganisms (such as dangerous bacteria), metal toxicity, environmental pollution, and allergies. These elements are crucial in developing a thorough and personalized approach to nutrition.

Working with a Holistic Nutritionist and a Personal Trainer

Working with a holistic nutritionist while working with a personal trainer goes together like salt and pepper. Because a holistic nutritionist works with you on your overall wellness, a personal trainer is the icing on the cake. A personal trainer will work with you and your nutritionist to curate your ultimate self. A trainer will be the one to physically form your body, and sculpt the muscles and the body that is the ultimate projection of a healthy you.

Once you work with a holistic nutritionist you will start to notice that your workouts are becoming a lot more efficient in many ways. You will be a lot less sore after your workouts because your body is getting the protein and nutrition for the building blocks of your muscles after your workouts. You will also notice that you are losing weight faster due to the fact that you are following a specific nutrition plan for your body type and replenishing all the nutrients your body needs.

Your personal trainer is going to notice that you are able to increase your workout stamina and you may even notice that you are a lot less winded and are feeling less drained post work out sessions with your trainer. 

The bottom line is working with a holistic nutritionist and a personal trainer simultaneously is creating the perfect combination of body, mind and spirit, and may even completely change your life. You are not only sculpting your body from the outside but you are fundamentally changing your body from the inside as well. 

Finding a Holistic Nutritionist

Here at Trainer Pro we are dedicated to helping you improve your mind, body, and soul. If you are interested in taking control of your health, ask us about our personal trainers who are also trained in holistic nutrition. We will partner you with the right personal trainer that will fit all your needs and make you feel the way we all deserve to feel; fit, healthy and strong.


Tell us a bit more about yourself and we’ll reach out as soon as possible. We take a human approach to setting you up with the right trainer – so we’d like to learn more about you and your goals first.