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Why You Shouldn’t Save Money On a Personal Trainer

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The biggest question we ask ourselves when getting into working out is whether you should be working with the guidance of a personal trainer or working out or should you be working out on your own. It turns out we can go over the key factors of working out and why it’s so important to have the right guidance of a personal trainer. More importantly, why it’s important to get the right guidance.


In the pursuit of becoming a healthier and more toned version of yourself a lot of us start to work out. But once we begin to exercise it almost seems as though the workouts we do don’t feel right. You look to the internet, but realize your research is fruitless because your body just doesn’t match what you see online. How many reps do I do? What is the right way to lift this weight? Should I be incorporating running into my workouts? Am I even doing this exercise correctly? All of these questions are completely normal, and there isn’t a single YouTube video out there that can help you answer these questions without taking a look at your particular body composition. Fortunately, there is a solution that will help solve all of the questions and problems you may have with working out, and that is; exercising with the right personal trainer.

The temptation to save money on a personal trainer is very high, paying for a single session with a fitness instructor is the same price as a monthly gym subscription. However, that is where the logic clearly shows that working out with a personal trainer is superior in every way.

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Let’s start off with what happens when you try to do it yourself. You watch a couple of YouTube videos and download the latest app that shows you how to do most exercises, and you try to recreate what you see online. First off we have the risk of injury from doing an exercise in the wrong way, you see our muscles and skeletal muscles were designed over millions of years for specific movements and now that we try to recreate those movements at the gym we create a level of risk. In 2022 alone, we saw 445,642 exercise-related injuries in the U.S. alone, injuries that could have been easily prevented by either doing the exercises correctly or with the guidance of a certified personal trainer. A personal trainer who is certified and knowledgeable can make the difference between an exercise that will injure you and result in weeks or even months away from the gym.

Even seasoned professionals who have been working out their whole lives use personal training for these purposes. It’s hard to notice when you do an exercise in the wrong way or in a way that may result in an injury, but when seeing the exercise from a trained professional point of view, many exercises can be easily corrected. This is a clear win for using a personal trainer for your workouts.

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Now let’s touch on the very common problem of working out for months and months without seeing any results. Many will join the gym with so much commitment and focus and then months go by and they see almost zero results. The unwanted fat folds never went away, and the muscles didn’t increase at all. You become disappointed in the gym and after the membership expires (or even earlier) say goodbye to it once and for all.

With the wrong approach to training, a lack of understanding of problem areas and how to correct them, a person will work towards either zero benefits or even negative benefits, you may even gain weight from building up hunger from doing the wrong exercises.

Of course, the result of such work will only be disappointment and loss of faith in yourself, your strength and the effectiveness of working out completely.

What to Do to Avoid Disappointment in Training

  1. Workout with a personal trainer, even if it is as little as 4-6 months, this small commitment can set you on a completely different trajectory for the rest of your life.
  2. If you are not ready to work with a trainer consistently, take the time to understand your problem areas during trial sessions, determine a training program, and ask all clarifying questions about the technique.
  3. Never hesitate to clarify if you are not very clear. A good trainer should tell you everything, show you, and control your actions.
  4. Contact your personal trainer again at least 6 months after you finish your training with them. This will allow you to reconsider if maybe you need another couple of months to workout with them for either new routines or even a new push for motivation.
  5. If you follow all the instructions given by the trainer, but do not achieve any effect for a long time, this means that your personal trainer is not right for you. That’s why we have so many trainers on our roster, we will always be able to match you with the right trainer to reach your fitness goals.
  6. Don’t lie to the trainer if you violated your training or nutrition program. Not only will this make their job more difficult, but it may also prevent them from creating the right program for you.
  7. There are often many experienced people in the gym who are easy to identify externally – you can always turn to them for help. Feel free to do this. People in gyms are usually responsive and ready to give advice.
  8. Do your workouts in front of a mirror – this will make it easier for you to notice errors in technique.
  9. Until you have fully mastered the technique, do not take on heavy weights or complex exercises without a spotter.
  10. Working with free weights is more varied and effective, but for a beginner without a trainer, it is always more effective to work on body weight exercises.

Should you look at personal trainer cost?

Working out with a fitness instructor is superior to working out on your own whether you are a seasoned professional or even just starting out. But what about the cost? Should you seek a cost-effective option for a personal trainer? There’s a clear answer here, and that is; always find the sweet spot. A cheaper personal trainer will usually be the coach who comes with a lack of

Experience, and a lack of knowledge.

On the other side of the equation we have the expensive personal trainer, who has built an Instagram brand, and now charges $120/session. We find this absolutely absurd and compare it to buying a Supreme t-shirt for $200 just because they have a large Instagram following. Branding yourself doesn’t mean you are knowledgeable in your field, it means you are winning a popularity contest. The coaches we provide here at Trainer Pro are all certified, vetted, and come with the experience and knowledge on how to help you reach your specific goals. Most importantly, we offer extreme value for our prices, so that we can make working out with a personal trainer accessible to everybody. The personal trainer cost to value ratio here at Trainer Pro is unbeatable. Our goal is to see you thrive and live your best life, nothing makes us happier.


Tell us a bit more about yourself and we’ll reach out as soon as possible. We take a human approach to setting you up with the right trainer – so we’d like to learn more about you and your goals first.